Rishabh Jain


Oscillate: between land and water

 Through this project, my approach was to identify the potential sites to enhance, modify and retain the undulated lands and vegetation. How one can interact with the vegetation and the land. Since one could experience the water body visually and the sound, but not the natural landform adjacent to it. It also tries to develop experiential qualities, through different urban interventions along the natural contour lines of the site. Design decisions: The project identifies the areas of intervention, where urban inserts can be built like the pathways and cycle track along the meanders by not disturbing the natural form of the land. Flatter land is used to build the greens, and the area along is mixed with designed vegetation and natural vegetation to thrive. Full portfolio

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Report Content

Transect study (observe & record) Landing: Site's first impression. I have tried to observe and draw the different topography observed at 8 points on the 22 kms of the river.

Transect Study( Observe and record) Grounding: the existing conditions of the site. Regional and land use plan

Transect Study ( observe and record) Grounding: part 2 The existing vegetation of the whole site. Here specifically I have pointed out the two points on the stretch. Point 1: Dhumad Chokwdi, Point 3 L&T circle

Transect study ( observe and record) sections of the two selected points

Finding and founding (Analysis and references) on following the river patterns over the years, to understand the meanders of the river and vegetation through the years.

Design approach and program

Design Strategies ( Collective investigation and interventions) Masterplan: Zoning and intervention level

Design Strategies (Investigation and interventions) Process and exploration sketches and abstract diagrams

Zone 1: Intervention at point 1 Dhumad Chowd, when the river enters the city

Zone 2: L&T circle, The context is mixed of residential and commercial.