Charan V


Revitalizing Landscape

R.Vishwamitri itself is an ecological hotspot that runs across the city of Baroda. The stakeholders do not well acknowledge the river, so it is being polluted and used as sewage. Although its presence is neglected, numerous land uses and cultural activities occur, and people converge around different spots and edges of the river. The river continues to integrate and maintain its existence as a shelter for various flora and fauna. 

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Report Content

LANDING_TRANSECT STUDY - Observing and recording the first impression of the site (along Vishwamitri river, Vadodara, Gujarat).

Site Context

GROUNDING_TRANSECT STUDY - Observing and studying existing data and archival information and recording on-site conditions (along Vishwamitri river, Vadodara, Gujarat).

FINDING AND FOUNDING - analysis the site conditions and finding inference, to take informed design decisions.

Process sheet


Site - RatriBazaar

Site - Samatalav