Faculty: Kruti Shah

TA: Prachi Vyas

Play Methodologies

This studio is about playing. We state playing as a legitimate urban tool of engagement to understand and act upon the built environment. ?Play Methodologies? would like to invite students to engage with the street vendors
in Bhuj through participatory tools to build an understanding and empathize with the situation and issues faced by them. Thereafter, the studio will design game boards as an activity that not only allows for the participation and contribution of different agents but also for the construction of tactics and strategies, as well as the capacity to resolve conflicts in urban environments
while being able to withdraw design clues. From these clues, they will explore small-scale interventions with a scope of achieving large- scale transformations through physical models of varying scales. Although each student would engage with their own proposals, the larger aim is to bring all proposals together to create a holistic transformative proposition.

Studio Unit

Studio brief and structure

Site : Bhuj

Various sessions through the semester

Various sessions through the semester