Harshal Gajjar


Farm in House, House in farm

The intervention is one module on the site that is being tested to see if housing and a business complex can coexist with a farm. The chosen site Thaltej ground was picked because it is located in residential zone 1 and has a need to generate economy in such a large area. This module is designed for the corner of the site with a 130mx130m plot boundary. The project is aimed at a group of people who wish to eat organic food that has been cultivated right away. The intervention is divided into two halves, with three stories on the bottom floor dedicated to commercial usage. Everything above the first story is a housing unit. The 8-meter-high open agricultural + nursery is preserved as a business & housing barrier. Three-bedroom and two-bedroom dwellings are introduced. More private farming for homes is provided via cornered farming as  the farming area of 24mx12m is occupied by 6 housing units. The business complex has access to 8m high open farming, while the ground farming and landscape are the private property of the housing unit.

Report Content

Photogrammetry to analyze daily routine

Scaling up to the neighborhood

Scaling up to the city & Site analysis

Design iterations & form development

Module distribution & Site plan

Typical floor plans


Typical unit plan & 3d views of intervention