Hostel Dining Revisioned

The design focusses on reimagining the AES girls hostel premises to create an efficiently functional dining experience. The hostel currently lacks the presence of a cafeteria in its campus. The proposal merges accommodation spaces with one another to form a quadrangular area which bares setting for common interest among students such as eating, working or relaxing. The cafeteria has been placed centrally so as to increase accessibility from all over the campus. A centrally placed axial road connects the built environment with one another increasing the easy of accessibility.

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Report Content

Introduction to photogrammetry, 3D scanning of objects and spaces.

Spatial Analysis to determine how much space is being used in the current hostel pantry with respect to its total area.

Mapping the movement from hostel room to pantry and the paths in-between.

Determining the shortcomings of current hostel pantry to provide possible design alterations.

Site Chosen: AES Girls Hostel and Lilavati Girls hostel, Navrangpura - 380009

Site analysis to understand the opportunities and threats of site for design proposal

arrangement iterations to determine the best possible outcome of each individual design element.

Vision of the design. Conceptual sketches and Anthropometric diagrams to know spatial potential.

Site Plan and zoomed up plans of Design Proposal

Site Sections of the Design Proposal