Praharsh Zaveri


Re-thinking Our Platter

The project is about gathering people like we all gather with are families during our dinning period. we started with analyzing my own house, after that we were getting problems either in our house or anywhere else and according to that we had to select the site. My site is South Canteen, CEPT University. I chose the site because there was not enough space to gather in terms of dinning as compared to our house. Further the building is been designed in such a way that more space for dinning , it would less crowed and prevent sunlight during summer.

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Report Content

The above sheet is compilation 3d's of my house documented using Photogrammetry method. This method often helps to get exact location of the person and the object, and this location results the person to get the reason that why it is there only?

This sheet shows Analysis my house using photogrammetry and further it is traced

The above sheet is the compilation of the initial drawings and sketches of how would the south canteen will look like initially.

The above sheet shows the location of the site

This Sheet is the compilation of site analysis which often show the pedestrian movement, Vehicular movement, and sitting while dinning on campus.

The above sheet is the compilation of different iteration in the form quick sections, and axos.

This sheet shows the plan view of the building which the activities of the pedestrians

This sheet shows Analysis of the final design in terms of showing customer movement, shopkeeper movement inside the building

the above sheet shows the section of the build fabric and shows the different level difference of the building

The above sheet is compilation of axonometric drawing, and views