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Commercial Project

Construction Project Formation and Appraisal deal with the purpose of the Feasibility study of different types of projects. We have chosen the project on a commercial building located in the state’s capital Gandhinagar. The project is a green field project with a total site area of 13,208 Sq. Mt. and a build-up area of 53,146 Sq. Mt. The project space is divided into three blocks having six floors each with two basements for reserved parking the complex consists of showrooms, shops, and offices The feasibility study is important for every project to know whether the project will be viable in the future and for the same purpose, the workflow undertaken includes CPO analysis, locational analysis, Demand analysis, Stakeholder management, Risk management, legal compliance, bid process management, work breakdown structure, cost breakdown structure, financial feasibility, bid process management, etc. the main aim of the study was to get a clear idea about the project’s success even before executing it.

Report Content

SWOT Analysis

Method of Selection for Consultants

QBS Process

Schedule of Payment and Key Staff for Consultant

Evaluation Criteria

Types of Contracts

Tendering Process

General Criteria and Bidding Process


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