Manish Upadhyay


Integrated Industrial & Logistic Park

For the course of construction project formulation and appraisal, I was assigned the topic of Integrated Industrial and Logistics Park. The proposed area for the park is 83 hectares where there will be 20 industrial plots and 8 logistics plots. This is a greenfield project where the feasibility of the project will be measured via different aspects starting from C-P-O analysis, demand analysis, location analysis, stakeholder Management, Project Compliances, Risk Management, Financial Analysis, various Lean tools, Work Breakdown Structure, Project Baseline, Cost Breakdown, Financial Feasibility and procurement of Consultant & Contractor. This portfolio will revolve around demand analysis, location analysis (macro & micro level), stakeholder management, risk management, work breakdown structure, cost breakdown structure, and financial feasibility. At the end of the study, it can be concluded whether the project is viable or should not be executed.

Report Content

Project Brief

Demand Analysis - Automobile Industry

Location Analysis - Macro Analysis

Location Analysis - Micro Analysis

Stakeholder Management - Power Interest Matrix & Power Influence Matrix

Risk Management

Work Breakdown Structure

Cost Breakdown Structure

Financial Analysis


Project Video