Jadhav Atharva Sunil


Village Infrastructure Development

The studio's purpose was to learn about the stages involved in undertaking a construction project, and a village infrastructure development project was chosen as the scenario. The village requires the development of four infrastructures such as water supply, drainage, roads, and stormwater. Currently, the community is underdeveloped, and this essential infrastructural facility is lacking. The need to develop this infrastructure is because people are not getting enough water to meet their daily needs, there is no proper drainage system in place, roads are in poor condition, and there is a water logging situation, so to develop this village infrastructure and to overcome above-mentioned problems in the village feasibility study is being carried out in Studio1 which is Construction Project Formulation and Appraisal. Initially, the project brief is identified and according to problem-option analysis, demand analysis, and location analysis are conducted. Management of stakeholders, risk and compliances is touched upon which are a critical part of any project. Lean tools are introduced which helped in critical and strategic thinking. Project baselines are identified like work breakdown structure, schedule, and cost. Studio concludes by identifying the procurement strategy which is most suitable for the project.

Report Content

Project Brief

Problem & Option Analysis of Water Supply Infrastructure

Demand Analysis of Water Supply Infrastructure

Location Analysis of Water Supply Infrastructure

Risk Management

Risk Management

Project Baseline Schedule

Contracting Strategy - Consultant Appointment

Contracting Strategy - Consultant Appointment


Project Video