Asnani Jatin Ghanshyam


Village Infrastructure Development

The Construction Project Formulation and Appraisal Studio is part of Monsoon Semester I of the Masters in Construction Engineering and Management program. It focuses on the evaluation of construction projects from context planning, demand analysis, location analysis, and risk & stakeholder management, to project baselines, procurement strategy, and project controls. For this Study, a village development project has been chosen and called Infrastructure Development of the village, in Gandhinagar which comes under  Urban Development Authority further analysis and study concluded the selection of Infrastructure development of Village The demand for the product, an appropriate location for the plant, the technical aspects that will be involved throughout the project, provisional costs that the project will account for, time value of money, impact on the environment, risks that will be encountered throughout the lifecycle of the project, and the various stakeholders who will be involved in the project are all necessary to ensure the success of such a project. In order to assess the project's viability, this study looks at the analysis done on the aforementioned subjects. It comes to the conclusion that the project is definitely viable for implementation. The main aim of this project is to provide safe, effective, affordable basic Infrastructure amenities like a Water supply system, Drainage system, better roads, Stormwater Management, and lake development. 

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