Shah Parva Dharmendrakumar


Village Infrastructure Development

The construction project formulation and appraisal studio deal with understanding the multi-dimensions of the project formulation. In this Studio, we have conducted a feasibility study on the village infrastructure development. The village requires the development of four infrastructures such as water supply, drainage, roads, and Stormwater. Currently, the village is underdeveloped, and the basic infrastructural facility is lacking. Aim of developing Stormwater infrastructure is because there is no Stormwater drainage system in the village and due to which issue of water logging occurs. This portfolio includes C-P-O, Location, and Demand analysis, Risk management, Financial feasibility, and Procurement of Contractor.

Report Content

Project Brief

C-P-O Analysis

Demand Analysis

Location Analysis

Risk Management

Risk Management

Financial Feasibility

Financial Feasibility

Procurement of Contractor


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