Faculty: Birva Joshi

Maintenance and protection of traffic (MPT) at active work zones

Maintenance and protection of traffic (also known as maintenance of traffic or temporary traffic control) is a procedure of establishing work zones for activities (major or minor) like bridge construction, road expansion, surveying, etc. adjacent or on the highways or roadways and maintaining safe vehicular and pedestrian movement through these work zones. It is necessary to provide required traffic control devices along with well-established detour plan to avoid delay due to congestion and to provide safe and efficient maneuvering of vehicles and people around and of workers within active work zones. A good MPT plan will ensure safety of not only drivers and pedestrians but also of worker within the work zones. This research will help to figure out the possible gaps in provision and implementation of measure to maintain safe traffic movement around work zones and detour plans. Over time it will also create a database which can be useful to understand how MPT can be improved and if there are systems which are being used in other countries which can help to prepare an efficient MPT plans for work zones. Final outcome of this DRP (After sufficient data collection only) will be a paper.

Student DRP