Faculty: Bhargav Tewar

Developing cement less concrete pervious concrete

Relentless urbanization continues, and growing cities are made largely of concrete – a strong and durable material made from variable proportions of cement, fillers and water. One ton of cement produced releases an estimated 0.9 ton of carbon dioxide and globally cement industry is responsible for 8% of total greenhouse gas emissions which is responsible for climate change. This forces to explore possibility of developing cement less concrete which can totally eliminate use of cement and also act as a permeable media for drainage purpose. Permeable concrete will help in percolation of rain water on paved area. With increasing urbanization and expansion of cities, larger areas are being paved in community spaces as well as residential complexes. They are being paved either with paver blocks and concrete which forces large amount of rain water to runoff or waterlogging. Pervious paver blocks are one of the preferable options for paving with higher drainage capacity. Reduction in overall use of cement and efficiency of drainage will lead to a better environment and sustainability.