Faculty: Pavni Pandya

Performance study on soil stabilization of soil of Dholera region

Clayey soils, in general, are considered problematic soils. They exhibit low shear strength, high swelling/shrinkage potential, high settlement, and low CBR values. Clayey soil of different regions shows different behaviour based on its mineralogical composition. There are several soil stabilization methods/materials available to improve soil properties. It may be possible that one material is effective on one particular property of soil and another material is for another property. So, a comparative study is required to select the best-suited material for a particular type of soil to address a specific problem.
India’s first smart city, Dholera SIR is an upcoming mega project near Dholera. The soil type in the Dholera region is fine calcareous and mostly saline. This region is having most of the region covered with top black cotton soil making it unsuitable for construction activities. Another challenge is the salinity of the soil. A detailed study of this soil is required to deal with such problems. The need for improving ground conditions prior to the commencement of construction activity is extremely crucial. In this study, cement, and lime in form of stabilization materials will be explored to evaluate changes in different properties of this soil.

Student DRP