Faculty: Jyoti Trivedi

Analysis of Prefabrication Construction Adoption in India

The role of Prefab has increased in the recent years and is getting more adopted into the projects. There have been and emerging trend in number of vendors who are providing with different Prefabrication Products/Assemblies. Precast technologies is not only helping contractors and builders get their buildings faster and more economically but it also helps to reduce construction waste and produce high quality, energy efficient buildings which results in long term benefits to projects. Precast constructions have been a common construction method in United States of America and many European countries. On the other hand Precast for residential construction has been used in India for only less than a decade, but it has been growing very fast in the past 5 years. Recently, there have been any new developers and contractors who have switched from traditional construction to precast to keep up with this new trend in the Indian residential market.
With this increased inclination, there is a need to identify Prefab products/assemblies suitable to the Indian market and further developing an evaluation criterion for assessing the adoption of these Prefab products in new projects.

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