Faculty: Tushar Bose

TA: Neer Patel | Aditya Doshi

Engineering Urban Water Systems

In this studio, we take up the challenge to design the water supply and sewerage network for the town. The methodology we adopt is to identify the present and future service delivery gaps for the city. We will then study the design principles of the different components of a system; learn to design these components and combine our understanding for an overall system design. For systematic learning two approaches for design will be followed- designing the system through basic excel sheets first and learning software for designing a more complicated system.

At the end of the studio, you will be able to estimate the demand, perform service delivery gap analysis and design the water supply and sewerage (stormwater network may be added). With this training we expect you to learn engineering skills necessary to respond to practical problems in the urban waters.

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Studio Unit

Demand and Population Projections

Water Supply-1

Water Supply-2

Sewerage System-1

Sewerage System-2