Faculty: Dhara Shah | Vasav Bhatt

TA: Rudra Vyas | Stuti Patel

Form and Structure: Steel

Form inspires architects and engineers to accomplish elegance in structures. Creating an astonishing structure demands an impressive expression with structural efficiency. In context of design, structure is the underlying framework and form is the visible outcome of the creative process. This studio provides a unique blend of form and structure in design to explore the potential of steel structures. Students cultivate a critical understanding of unifying spatial ambitions with structural solutions to achieve architectural potentials entrenched in a well-performing structure. The meandering walk travels through a variation of forms and configurations, showcasing the architectural opportunities of the structural morphology. Basis of structural design: structural system, load transfer mechanism, load estimation, analysis and optimization are accomplished through iterative process of refining the structure in several steps to integrate architectural intentions with structural solutions. Design skills are translated into drawings including prototypes of form and joinery with documentation report.

Studio Unit

Case study of existing steel structure and recreating

Understanding material properties and behavioral concepts

Site analysis - Vastrapur railway station

Individual project - Proposing steel cantilever structure at vastrapur railway station

Joinery details and 1:20 scale models