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The Passive Comfort Laboratory (PC­Lab) addresses the fundamental aspect of building envelope optimization in the context of the energy efficiency of buildings. The studio is divided into three different modules. In the first half of the semester, we have the Concepts and Practices (C&P) module and the Measurement & experimentation (M&E) module which run simultaneously. The second half of the semester is dedicated to the Building Simulation (BS) module where we carry out building energy simulations. Parametric simulations are carried out to observe the effect of building characteristics, orientation, and global location. Baseline cases are developed and energy conservation measures and energy efficiency interventions are proposed to reduce the energy requirement.

Report Content

Weather station installation and measuring instruments used

Climatic Analysis of Ahmedabad

Sun shading mask and interpreting Psychrometry chart


Heat transfer principles

Course project I Heat Transfer Interactions In Building Envelope

Experiment and Analysis

Building Simulation

Building Simulation

Building Simulation