Mahajan Aaditi Abhay


Passive Comfort Lab | Monsoon 2022

The Monsoon semester studio work; passive comfort lab taught us the fundamentals of climate analysis, building physics and concepts of heat transfer through various exercises Including measurement and experimentation. The objective of maintaining comfortable indoor conditions in the 1m3 volume space was dealt with in the first half of the coursework. 1:1 scale model was fabricated in alignment with the given brief and experimentation was done to observe and analyze heat transfer through the assembly. The second half of the coursework dealt with simulation and exploring the design builder software where detailed and various parameters based analysis was developed.

Report Content

Climate Analysis: Ahmedabad, India & Weather Station

Understanding Sun Shading & Measurement and Experimentation

Course Project: Introduction and Form

Course Project: Form and Graphical Analysis

Course Project: Experimentation Analysis

Course Project: Analysis

Building Simulation: Scenario 1: Conductive Heat Transfer vs Sensible Cooling

Scenario 2: Conductive heat transfer; wall vs roof Scenario 3: Radiative heat transfer and conductive heat transfer

Scenario 4: Effect of shading devices on heat gains scenario 5: Shading vs SHGC impact on heat gains

1. Heat Map, NV, Ahmedabad, India 2. Comfort Hours with DBT and RH