Dhruv Varma


Passive Comfort Lab | Monsoon Portfolio

Passive Comfort Lab is an extensive course on Building Physics covering topics like Heat Transfer, Moisture Transfer, Natural Ventilation, Solar Geometry & Sun Shading, Psychometry & Load Calculations. Course Project and Building Energy Simulations in the portfolio provide insight onto these topics. The Course Project was to apply the concepts of building physics on a physical one-meter cube model. The Building Energy Simulation covers extensively Heat Transfer without the implications of Moisture and Air Exchange from the Building Envelope, with the help of Design-Builder (Computer Application). The Portfolio features a few chosen topics from the semester.

Report Content

Weather Station

Solar Geometry and Shading

Course Project | Methodology and Design

Course Project | Mathematical Model and Analysis

Climate Analysis using Climate Consultant

Evaluation of Thermally Comfortable Hours of a Naturally Ventilated Building

Evaluation of Thermally Comfortable Hours of a Building with the Inclusion Of Relative Humidity

Building Simulations | Heat Gains through Building Envelope

Building Simulations | Impact of Shading Devices on the Radiative Gains

Building Simulations | Analysing Wind Speed and Direction with Vayu Pravah