Shreya Bansal



Passive Comfort Lab is a studio course providing an understanding of building physics, thermal comfort, and climate analysis. The formulation of course is such that the first half deals with the concepts and practices of heat transfer along with the measurements and experiments running simultaneously. The 1:1 ratio models are fabricated on campus for real-time experimentation on heat transfer testing inside a 1 m3 volume. The next half deals with building simulation done via design builder software which is an in-depth study of heat transfer and the concepts of building physics used for the optimization of the building envelope.

Report Content

Measurements and Experimentations

Concepts-Heat transfer

Course Project-Real time experimentation

Course Project-Experimentation results

Course Project-Results and strategies

Building simulation for composite climate-New Delhi

Building simulation-Walls and Roof

Building simulation-Glazing

Introduction to Natural Ventilation

Exploring Strategies for Naturally ventilated buildings