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Passive Comfort Lab gives a basic understanding of Optimizing Heat transfer in a Building envelope through Conduction, Convection & Radiation. Understand Macro & micro Climate parameters which affect the heat transfer in a  building envelope indoors and outdoors. Climate Analysis, Sun Shading mask, and Psychometric chart helped to understand much deeper. One-meter cube Course Project helped in a   better understanding of essential Building Physics concepts. Comfortable, Heating & Cooling  Hours are taken by estimating the usage of the building in Climate Analysis. The simulation Module session helps in learning how heat transfer affects Building Envelope much deeper.

Report Content

Climate and its parameters. Weather Station

Climate Analysis

Heat transfer & Base case

Design Case Evolution

Design Case Numerical Modelling


Design Strategies to improve comfort in 1m3

Natural Ventilation Comfort hours

Simulation Module- Heat transfer affecting parameters Zone

SRI & Thermal Transmittance value of Wall and Roof assembly