Arjita Gupta


Passive Comfort Lab Portfolio

Introduction to topics such as Climate, sun shading, heat transfer, psychrometry, measurement and experimentation, load calculations and data procurement; these contribute to further understanding of climate analysis, course project, simulation and NV network diagram. Exploring building envelope through simulation. Extracting and pragmatizing the behavior of each component i.e., U-value and SRI (Solar reflectance Index) for walls and roofs; for Glazing: WWR, SHGC, U-value and shading device. From change of scale of model and mode change of simulation, it takes forward to gives a perspective for alignment of different strategies and mode of various parameters for energy efficient buildings. 

Report Content

Introduction to foundation topics

introduction to X-ONE (course project)

Course Project- final form and Execution

Course Project- Iterations and its comparison

Building Simulation- impact of SRI and U-Value | location- Aurangabad (hot and dry)

Building Simulation | Location- Aurangabad(hot and dry) | impact of SRI and U-Value

Building Simulation- Correlation of SHGC and WWR

Impact of Air velocity on naturally ventilated operating mode building.

Climate Analysis with inclusion of Relative Humidity factor | Proposing Design Strategies for different zones.

Introduction to wind analysis, NV network diagram and eco vayupravah tool