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Passive Comfort Lab | Portfolio

The Passive Comfort Lab provides fundamental knowledge on building physics and heat transfer principles. The lectures cover topics such as data anlysis, climate analysis, weather station, solar geometry study, heat transfer, moisture transfer, psychrometry, natural ventilation and passive design strategies for buildings. Field measurements and experimentation are also carried out. In the course project, heat transfer is quantified and thermal performance of various cases is analysed. In building simulation module, a "shoebox" model is simulated for various parameters to study impact of incremental changes on envelope heat gains. This is a compilation of selected works from PCLab Monsoon Semester 2022.

Report Content

Climate Analysis of Lucknow, U.P.

Natural Ventilation - Wind Flow Analysis of New Delhi

Natural Ventilation - Wind Flow Optimization of Building Complex in New Delhi

Course Project - Introduction and Design Details

Course Project - Numerical Working and Experiment Iterations

Course Project - Thermal Performance Analysis

Simulation - Project Brief and Analysis Matrix

Simulation - Analysis 1: Window Shading Feasibility Study

Simulation - Analysis 2: Heat Gains by Windows

Simulation - Analysis 3: Heat Gains by South Wall and Analysis 4: Sensible Cooling Load Comparison