Faculty: Komal Parikh | Birva Joshi

TA: Tanishq Jain | Parth Rakeshbhai Shah

Urban Road Intersection Design and Analysis

The objectives of traffic engineering are to design operational facilities for the safe, convenient and economic movement of vehicles and people in urban areas. It covers a large scope from characteristics of users to traffic facility planning and design of these facilities including intersections. This studio will focus on understanding the traffic condition and related issues in urban areas specifically at and around intersections as intersections are more vulnerable areas having several conflicting movements happening at once with multiple vehicle users and pedestrians.The studio will prompt students to characterize and evaluate user characteristics, physical elements, traffic flow characteristics and pavement conditions which will affect the design of the geometry of the intersection, evaluating the capacity of approach roadways, level of services for the intersection. Identifying and analyzing guidelines from different countries and comparing them to Indian standards will give them a better idea to design efficient intersections in urban areas.

Studio Unit

Studio Timeline

Existing intersection design

LULC and Geometry improvement paln

Proposed Intersection improvement plan

Pavement Defect evaluation and 3D model