Faculty: Nimit Killawala | Prateek Banerjee

TA: Bageshri Thakar

Workplace Neighborhoods

The idea that work is bound to be anchored in a corporate office succumbed during the ongoing COVID crises, making us think about integrating workplace at a neighbourhood scale. Unlike mono functional and generic office buildings located in CBD’s, the unit aims at testing workplace typologies within civic environments, supported by community / civic institutions offering an eco-system, wherein individuals can tap into networks of collaborations offered within their surroundings. Freelancers are no more isolated, small businesses have the flexibility to expand and shrink as required. The focus is to attract a young work force within a rich urban environment, with enough to offer even after the traditional working hours. The current knowledge economy, only fosters such collaborations - bridging Government, Academia and Industry. The unit speculates on the cross overs among such entities as potential drivers for change within cities. For the Upcoming Spring’22 semester, our site will be identified within a residential neighbourhood of Mumbai.

Studio Unit

Studio Premise

The Neighbourhood _ Site Details

Diagrammatic Analysis of Mixed use typologies

Evolving Synergies amongst identified stake holders

Evolving a program Brief.