Faculty: Meghal Arya | Manan Singal

TA: Kanxa Shah

A Place for Water

This studio aims to initiate a learning process in architectural design through principles of spatial organisation, primary response to climate, material and structure alongside developing an understanding of a small scale public institution. With the dynamic global social, cultural and ecological developments, the typology of public institutions is also expected to evolve. From the focus
on civic and governance institutions, the shift is towards resilience and climate change mitigation. New institutions that converge the networked, global citizen with local features and physical environments need to be defined.
Responding to this narrative, the studio proposed a Disaster Management Institute at Sihor, Bhavnagar which is a suborganization of GIDM( Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management). With recent and frequent floods in the southwestern region of Gujarat, the Institute will focus on preparedness, relief and rehabilitation in relation to natural hazards in Saurashtra. To conduct training & orientation programs, and collect information and data of local climate fluctuation. The site for the project is located in the old town of Sihor, on the hilltop near Brahmakund. Brahmakund is believed to be an ancient structure that was refurbished by Jaysimha Siddharaj in the 12th century. The presence of the historic structure is a reminder of the mechanisms that historic societies had to respond to requirements of water, as well as a more harmonious relation with nature. The students worked with a specific environment, and articulated designs within the constraints of stone construction and jack arches as the system to translate design ideas into a tangible built space.

Studio Unit

Initial models and sketches on light, geometry and structure

Design project at Tuva- hot water springs

Site studies and conceptualisation

Final design project at Sihor

Design intervention and detailing