Faculty: Mohammedayazkhan Pathan

TA: Chirag Markana

ArchiTectonics: Technology as a Generator of Design

At the end of the era of modern architecture (1950s), and prior to the advent of various postmodern architecture movements (1980s), a range of architects pioneered an approach to architecture that was later heralded as ‘Hi-Tech Architecture’ or ‘Structural Expressionism’. At its peak, Architects such as, Norman Foster, Richard Rogers, and many others brought the structure and technology to the core of architectural spacemaking with innovative buildings such as: Pompidou Center, Lloyd’s Building, to mention a few.
With the advent of postmodern movements, the discussion around the ‘Hi-Tech Architecture’ has been largely confined to the academia and a few isolated practices. Today, with the availability of digital tools for design and construction, new avenues for conceiving architectural space are open for architects, with a possibility to bring the science and technology at the core of architectural exploration, once again.
This studio unit explored architectural space making at the junction of program.

Studio Unit

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Design Iteration

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