Faculty: Balaji Rajasekaran

TA: Dixit Tank

Ferro Concrete - Equilibria

Equilibria’ is a design and makebased studio that explores structural formfinding through understanding concepts of nature
and forces.
The studio ‘Equilibria’ was an attempt to design and build a structure using an interactive approach towards form-finding and analogue computation, targeted at fostering an understanding of the relationship between form and force, intuitively and playfully. The studio investigated physical parameters, materials and construction techniques (FerroConcrete), as effective constraints in the process of design development. During the course, the students explored form finding, material &construction techniques
through smallscale models & diagramming. The studio also attempted to build a 1:1 prototype at the end of the semester.

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Studio Unit

Studio Process

Initial Explorations

Individual Design

Design and Make of 1:1 Pavilion Structure

Process of 1:1 Pavilion Structure