Faculty: Sandip Patil

TA: Rutvik Faldu

Our Gardens

"Our Gardens” engages with landscape design identity through inquiries into the natural and anthropological products of a complex urban setting. Each urban area has a ‘landmark garden’ representing its socio-cultural, sometimes ecological, identity and aspirations.
The studio provides a structured process to develop an aspirational cum operative design. Students imagined and crafted a ‘Landmark Garden’ on pre-decided sites in an urban area. They developed calendarized programs and activities through rigorous contextual mapping and assessment, extending the site’s value in both ecological and anthropological dimensions. The design incorporated local phyto-geographic rhythms of nature, connected to users through planned rituals. The garden’s expression extends beyond mundane visual expressions, establishing a totem to strengthen local geo-cultural identities that provide equitable values to natural and human systems alike. The garden thus becomes a multi-dimensional entity – a learning laboratory for users while providing spaces for recreation and celebration.

Studio Unit

Studio framework & sites

Readings, site studies, vision

Programming, zoning, vignettes


Crafting details