Faculty: Gurmeet Rai | Jayashree Bardhan

TA: Ann Shojan

Urban Regeneration

Urban regeneration is an all-inclusive action-based process that aims at bringing long-term solutions to urban problems in order to make significant improvement in the overall condition of a place. Cities are complex systems that are persistently subjected to processes of physical, environmental, social, economic and cultural change. Historic urban areas form integral parts of these systems by being representative of the traditional built fabric, spatial morphology, local identity, culture and the collective heritage of a place. The need to safeguard their authenticity of tangible and intangible aspects amidst the challenge of urban growth, the shifting lifestyle and space usage patterns of its users and diverse other impacts is therefore crucial.
This studio, with the aim of addressing the complex narratives of historic urban sites through the lens of conservation, introduces its participants to tools and methods of documenting, mapping and assessing cultural assets of a historic city.

Studio Unit

Process of the heritage-led urban regeneration studio