Faculty: Naandi Parikh

TA: Pari Mistry

Beyond Detail

If a shopper takes the time to go to a store instead of buying something online, they expect more than just a wall of products.
The studio work will be in three stages
• Research: Following the selection and study of existing luxury brands, students will prepare a case study that focuses on store details, materials, and interior spaces. Based on their understanding of the case study, students will develop their own unique brand.
• Design: The values and characteristics of new brands will be conveyed by the students in a concept design within an approximate area of 100 m2. Different layout iterations of retail space and display arrangement will take place.
• Detail: The design will be developed in detail. Plans, sections, and elevations of all parts of the design will be prepared in the form of technical construction drawings, taking into consideration the use of technologies, materials, junctions, and finishes. Students will have to identify one display element that they would like to make a scaled physical prototype of and prepare drawings for the same, which will be given to the agencies that will make the prototype.

Studio Unit

Case Study

Concept Development and Zoning diagrams

Detail drawings

Display Iterations

Prototype views and Drawings