Faculty: Prashant Pradhan | Niyati Shah

TA: Vedanshi Sarda

Contextualising Interior Space Making

Interior Architecture Hospitality Design informed by the local context
Architecture, can be considered to be a result of an appropriate response to the context which can be summarised as ‘Form Follows Context’. The studio will explore the interface between interior architecture and its ‘context’ in hospitality design. Design of hotels showcasing the context would enrich the experience for the visitor, while boosting the local economy and preserving the culture.
Hospitality design that references the local context has always existed but, a new genre was created when architects like Geoffrey Bawa and Kerry Hill designed hotels in South East Asia. The endeavour of this studio will be to ask how can architecture help make a visit memorable? For their final outcome, students will be asked to design the interior of designated areas of a hotel and to present their design in the form of 3D rendered images.

Studio Unit


Introducing the sites - Pelling, West Sikkim

Getting sensitized to the site

Concept Development

Interior and massing - translation