Faculty: Rebecca Reubens

Sustainability at the intersection of craft and design: Use of parametric technology and principles to create a sustainable craft-design hybrid

Craft and design are viewed as disparate factions; however, the craft paradigm was the prevalent method of production-to-consumption pre-industrialization. The differentiator in the two modes is technology, and the ethos associated with it. The sustainability crisis is an opportunity to reposition craft and design as collaborators. Craft brings slowness, and inherent sustainability in that it provides livelihoods, uses clean material, and leverages cultural capital. Design brings the possibility of scalability, given that the sustainability crisis begs for scalable solutions to unsustainability.
This is especially relevant to the Indian context where industrialization-centered design was introduced towards the pursuit of a western trajectory of development, when the country had a thriving craft industry, and development process that was more sustainable.
Therefore, this DRP will explore praxis at the intersection of craft and design in India, which can potentially provide ways forward and points of departure for sustainability design.