Jadav Kamakshi Harish



With "Unveiling Cinematic Spaces: A Spatial Symphony," take a cinematic trip through Hayao Miyazaki's beautiful landscapes. This study delves into the deliberate design of "Spirited Away" and "My Neighbor Totoro," illuminating the beauty underlying Miyazaki's visual storytelling. Explore the harmonic orchestration of locations, from the gloomy appeal of "Spirited Away" to the colorful landscapes of "Totoro." Unravel the talent that transforms interior design into a storytelling tool, providing filmmakers, historians, and enthusiasts with a thrilling peek into the cultural elements of cinema. It reveals the secrets underlying Miyazaki's timeless masterpieces.

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A Spatial Symphony

Abstract, Research Premise, Methodology

About Anime

About Hayao Miyazaki

Traditional Japanese Interior

Case Study 1: Spirited Away

Interior Spaces Impacting on Character Development

Case Study 2: My Neighbor Totoro

Interior Spaces Impacting on Character Development

Comparative Analysis and Conclusion