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Mallika Sharma


RETRO RHYTHM & WHEELS: A Journey of Cars Through Music

The vintage car museum shows car evolution through various music genres, with modules that exhibit cars from different ages from the 1920s to the 1980s, emphasizing influences that music of that decade had, the emotions attached, and the changes it had on the design and development of vintage and classic cars. Visitors can interpret car design within the context of time periods and its music genres. Different genres of music come together in modules stitched together to form the album that is the museum. The genres Jazz, Swing, Rock n’ Roll, Rock & Funk, Heavy Metal, and Hip Hop will form sections that will weave a story on vintage car evolution in form, interiors, aesthetics, detail, and innovation. The museum will celebrate the music evolution beside vintage and classical cars, taking visitors through music culture and its associated famous cars.

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Short Sectional Perspective

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