Maitreyi Sudhirbhai Popat



‘UNRAVELING IMBALANCE, CULTIVATING BALANCE’: NATURE’S EQUILIBRIUM AND HUMAN EFFECT ON ENDANGERED SEEDS. In the heart of the land, amongst the vibrant tapestry of nature’s offerings, lays a treasury of life’s essential fragments - endangered seeds. These once abundant and diverse seeds were on the brink of extinction. Where humans flourished, their actions cast a shadow of imbalance. In balanced ecosystems, living organisms and non-living components interact to support the health and functioning of the ecosystem. These encompass maintenance of edible seeds, nutrient cycling, energy flow, and ecological relationships. With passing time, India saw changes brought by the broader world, the allure of modernity, leading to imbalance. Imbalance prospers with a disruption in the natural equilibrium of the system. Imbalance demonstrates as overpopulation, underpopulation, disruption of food chains, altered habitat, and nutrient cycle disturbances. This can lead to a complete collapse of the ecosystem if left unaddressed. We must remember our responsibility as we safeguard these seeds, honoring a legacy of generations before paving a future where balance, resilience, and the dance of life continue. The abandoned site is incomplete. Once an imbalance forms, something which is forgotten, left or endangered becomes extinct like the seeds before. Stepping into the museum gives hope, hinting renewal, and recharge like resuscitation. The internal journey through the museum integrates a combination of balance and imbalance. At some point it collapses while at another there is harmony. This changing balance of the ecosystem appears parasitic. Journey through the intertwined stories of endangered seeds, humans, ecosystems, and the delicate dance of balance and imbalance, initially a space that has collapsed, disrupted, towards a space that is synchronized, connected, and intertwined. The end, a renewal space with positive energy and hope. This museum is a beacon of hope, a place where the past, present, and future intertwine to tell a narrative of resilience, and renewal. PORTFOLIO

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