Faculty: Kireet Patel

TA: Rajkumar Mehta

Ornare: Ornamentation and its articulation in interior realm

The studio is an attempt to formulate, resolve, and apply ornamentation as a primary approach to interior design space. Through eras, Ornamentation has been represented as a separate entity of perception, association, and symbolism with respect to material, patterns, and form. In the twenty-first century, material culture has become a contemporary tool to concretize ornamentation with the use of advancing technologies for the construction, fabrication, and production of interior design elements. The ornament has resurfaced with its new functional, structural, and aesthetical meaning.
This studio intends to utilize the contemporary potential of ornamentation in the creation of interior spaces and their elements. The studio will be conducted by reinterpreting the tools, techniques, methods, and approaches to create ornamentation that executes new space formation concepts.

Studio Unit

design process of Ornamentation

process of Ornamentation

scaling of Ornamentation

Realization of Ornamentation

a place for ornamentation