Faculty: Sanandan Sudhir

TA: Maulik Soni

Product: Technology + Innovation

This studio shall apply contemporary best practices related to the design of products within the broader frameworks of technology and innovation. It will deal with products in areas such as home automation, security and surveillance, sanitary ware, clean tech, etc.
1. Problem identification, funnelling and gaps
2. Systematic thinking: Triz principles and applications
3. Product benchmarking: product teardown, learnings documentation
4. Idea finalization, technology options and scope for innovation.
5. Innovation matrix: prioritization and feasibility
6. Usability, technical testing, and feasibility with users
7. How things work: core technologies and how they are used
8. How things are invented: assumptions, postulates, and planning
9. DOE: Design of experiments, multiple iterations
10. House of quality: 6sigma basics
11. Development, testing and prototype
12. Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Studio Unit

Product Design Process Applied

8 Innovative Products Explored

Activities done

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