Faculty: Renu Bhagwat

TA: Brinda Jasoliya

Textured Spaces: Create Spaces that tell Stories

We sense textures around us in various ways. Textures can be illusionary or simulated. Texture may appear and feel in totally different ways.Connection of textures and spaces is like theory of Heterotopia by philosopher MichelFoucault. Foucault uses the term to describe spaces that have more layers of meaning or relationships to other places than immediately meet the eye. Spaces with correct textures give us that impeccable feeling about it.
The Studio will focus on interdisciplinary approach of surface development techniques used in Textiles to convert them into and finishes for interior spaces. Studio aims at making students understand textures already available in nature and around them.Studio aims to make students understand different craft techniques like Hand Block Printing, Hand Embroidery,and Cyanotype etc to create various types of textures

Studio Unit

week 1

week 2-5

week 6-9

week 10-16