Ex 02: Life in a Precinct

Ex 02: Life in a Precinct


Urban morphology is the study of the form of human settlements and the process of their evolution and transformation. The exercise seeks to understand the spatial structure, character and evolution of their precinct. The final output of this exercise is a series of maps demonstrating this evolution and its determinants. 


Cities  are kinetic as they continuously evolve in structure, form and size. This is largely attributed to the interaction of multifarious entities that occupied them in the past and occupy them today. These interactions and the subsequent outcomes are driven by various determinants such as change in political will, technological advancement, updating building bye- laws or introduction of a new transit system. Hence, it is necessary for students of the urban to understand the historical underpinnings of a city, before they are expected to design or plan. 


The eexercise starts with an evidence based approach towards building a narrative which explores multiple data sources - google earth timeline, secondary literature ( research papers, books) and interactions with city dwellers. The student then represent the narrative using different tools of representation such as photo montage, sketches and maps. This process is also supported by a short reflective essay, which helps align and structure student’s  thoughts and perspectives.