Joshi Dnyanada Milind


Adaptive reuse - Cafe at Mukhi Nu Delu

This portfolio is a compilation of all the work done in studio CR4000. The site was Mukhi Nu Delu, a structure in Dharmaj, Gujarat which is a unique typology used for administrative purposes and a common place for the extended family of Mukhi. The studio aimed to understand the place, its condition, significance, construction technology, and issues. Developing a conservation proposal and interventions to enhance or protect the structure will help in proper functioning and maintaining the site.The detailed report is collated in the Booklet. Click on the button 'View additional work' to see all the booklets.

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Report Content

Understanding the place

Documentation process

Value Assessment and Statement of Significance

Identifying Factors and issues

Conservation strategies and Vision

Conservation design proposal

Interventions and Details

Repairs and Interventions


Impact on Values