Anmol D Aravandekar


Conservation of Mukhi nu Delu | Dharmaj

Proposed Architectural Conservation Plan for the Mukhi Nu Delu, Dharmaj, which is a three storeyed timber and brick masonry composite structure, well known for its elaborate and intricate ornamentation. The semester was a comprehensive look at the process of conservation considering a site, understanding its context, history, construction, value assessment, present condition, and suggested repairs based on the above. The work done in this studio is supported by CEPT Conservation Site Schools, CHC, CRDF and Dharmaj Heritage Collaborative, a joint initiative by CHC, CRDF and Avichal Heritage Foundation

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Report Content

Site introduction and Documentation

Research and Analysis

Analysis and Value Assessment

Condition Mapping

Condition Assessment

Design Development and Vision

Proposed Heritage Resource Center

Repair Strategy

Repair Details

Impact of Proposal