Faculty: Neel Naik

Architecture in Cinema: Investigating the symbiotic relation between two art forms

Cinema and architecture are two art forms that are inextricably linked. By providing location, story structure, and
character, architecture can enhance the significance and appeal of a film, while films can inform the viewer's
perception of architecture. Architecture and cinema can be linked in a transactional relationship as well as a causal
one. Film aids in the comprehension of architecture, and architecture, in turn, aids in the comprehension of film.
The act of generating spatial narratives is central to cinema. Movies would be impossible to imagine without a
setting that confines the characters in time and place. Architecture is a vital component in filmmaking since it is a
visual medium concerned with the development of spatial narratives.
The relationship between film and architecture allows for contemplation of architecture's relevance as a necessary
component of any development that incorporates space, time, and narrative.