Faculty: Chandrani Chakrabarti

Communication of emotions through cinematic landscape representation

The DRP examines the role of the representation of landscape and the communication of
different emotions with the lens of Hindi film songs. Cinematic art like other art forms is a system of
communication that has morphed from monochromatic silent representation to literary, pictorial,
and virtual media. Apart from entertainment and relief, songs in Indian cinema have particularly
served the purpose of condensed representation of a particular situation, mood, culture, or theme
that accentuates the storytelling. The viewer imagines the situation with the help of reality (the
context of the story), pictorial image (landscape and subject), and words (narrative of landscape and
mood in songs). By studying the different types of emotions, the research will identify emotions
communicated in post-independence Bollywood songs and map the importance of landscape in
representational storytelling. The DRP will be limited to post-independence Bollywood film songs
only and will not consider any other regional film Indian film industries.