Faculty: Chitra Vishwanath

Investigate Conventional Construction to Deliberate Construction Techniques Materials for the Future

Climate change leading to global temperature rise has created a geological epoch - The Anthropocene. One of the
primary factors for the temperature rise is the GHG emissions. 47% of the GHG emission contributed by the building
and construction industry. Of these 27% of the GHG emission is from the existing building stock and 20% from the
new ones.
While attention is primarily concentrated towards the heating and cooling loads to achieve internal thermal comfort
to reduce the GHG emissions, we feel construction materials tend to not be given enough consideration.
India suffers from a huge housing shortage, especially of the affordable kind. To fulfill this shortage India has set up a
target of 11.2 million units by 2022 though some studies indicate that the need may be up to 50 million.This will
require enormous amounts of building materials. Making, sourcing, producing or extracting the construction material
too requires energy and in the process creates ecological impacts on air, water and soil.
Through the research we would like to study –
1. Document GHG emission of various materials used conventionally in construction.
2. Suggest scenarios to reduce the GHG emission by a rethink of the sourcing the material and construction
techniques to be adopted.