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The objective of the research project is to examine modernity in Indian architecture. It establishes the emergence of modernism in India as a result of diffusion of Enlightenment and Counter-Enlightenment values. Architects from diverse backgrounds were influenced by their personal ideas and interpretations of how architecture of the new nation should be. Hence, the study proposes to trace the attitudes embodied by these practices to understand the diverse trajectories of modernity in Indian architecture. This research examines the values that animate the practice of Uttam Chand Jain, a Bombay-based architect-planner, teacher, writer, photographer, and an active member of the architectural fraternity. It traces his attempt to find a version of modernity in the actual complexities of the Indian society.  Link to DRP

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Research Proposal

Biographical Note | Early Life, Education, Architectural Practice

Biographical Note | Academic, Writer

Biographical Note | Professional Affiliations, Awards & Recognition, The Practice Today

Regionalism as a Resource for Identity

The Symbolism of Technology

Writer (JIIA) + Photographer (Manyness of Mumbai, Through an Architect's Eye)

The Turn to Representation