Faculty: Anuj Anjaria

Kinetics in Architecture

The research focuses on the role of kineO cs in architecture by looking at kineO cs architectural elements as tools of space making. Different types of mechanisms would be explored to create different moO ons in spaces to transform spaces. This focuses on the dynamic nature of spaces and allows the disintegraO on of the idea of funcO on associated spaced by changing architectural elements within the space itself. This dynamic nature of spaces can lead to perceiving the same space through different funcO ons and lenses. This research intends to explore kineO cs by making and prototyping these building elements. The research intends to take these kineO c elements to the execuO on detail level, where these elements would be ideated, prototyped, and detailed to the last nut bolt. The research will also include various methods of manufacturing processes through which the design of any element is affected from the lens of size, finish, transportability, manufacturing processes, etc. as well

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