Faculty: Meghal Arya

TA: Aakash Jain

Water Narratives

The increasingly complex and dynamic social, political and ecological constructs of the world offer opportunities to explore new meanings in public architecture. Increased spending in public infrastructure, presents an opportunity to define people-infrastructure relationships through spatial narratives. Currently, infrastructure is a monofunctional, homogenous entity, of mega scale, disconnected from people and experience without any tactile presence. This studio’s focus was water infrastructure where researching the traditional water infrastructure was expected to provide clues and lessons. Architecture becomes the interface, as a way of rethinking how our cities and urban environments are infused with new infrastructure. This act of reimagining water infrastructure, used fictional narratives as process, exploring new typologies and hybrid programs as expressions of the changing urban conditions. Students were expected to seek issues of concern and define their project in terms of program and brief specific to water infrastructure and spaces for water.