Faculty: Jaymin Panchasara

TA: Devanshi Mittal


Flat pack/Ready-to-assemble furniture is a necessity nowadays. Reduction in the volume of Furniture/Products can promote easy transportation, the flexibility of shifting, costeffectiveness, etc. Brands like Ikea, Takt, Hay, Hem, etc are promoting this philosophy. The connotation of poor-quality materials and a lack of durability in flat-pack designs needs to be improved upon. During the semester, students focussed on designing furniture for residence/ office spaces with innovative ways of making furniture flat pack. The studio intended to reduce the volume of the furniture/product in its packed form through techniques like part-part assembly, inflating/deflating, folding, etc, and exploring the possible details. The studio parallelly focussed on developing innovative details and having an intuitive assembly of the furniture for the end user. The course concluded with a full-scale working prototype along with an assembly manual and proved to be a hands-on experience for the students.

Studio Unit

Preliminary Exercises: Case Study

Preliminary Exercises: Joinery Documentation

Furniture Design: Process

Furniture Design: Exploded Views

Final Prototypes